Access and Registration

Who can access the Master in Digital Information Systems?

In general, any person with an interest in documentary information systems, in computer application development, in electronic publication and editing, in preservation and information retrieval, or in information and communication technologies applied to information processes digitally. The master is especially aimed at students and professionals who are innovative in information and documentation. Graduates in Documentation. Diplomas in Librarianship and Documentation. Librarians, documentalists, and archivists. Graduates and professionals of the social sciences and humanities who wish to know the possibilities of digital information systems. Computer scientists and graduates in engineering and technical careers who want to specialize in the emerging area of ​​digital content production and management. Professionals who carry out their work in digital environments.


Maximum: 20 people


Priority will be given to applicants who graduated with degrees in the field of Information and Documentation, being valued following the order of priority of the criteria:

    • Graduates in Information and Documentation; 40%
    • Graduates in Documentation and Diplomas in Librarianship and Documentation. 20%
    • Professional experience.20%
    • Other merits. In the case of equal criteria, a personal interview will be arranged for the selection of candidates. 20%
    • Verification, by means of an online interview, of Spanish language level B2 for NON-Spanish speaking candidates.


In accordance with R.D. 833/2021 of 28 September establishing the organisation of University Education:

1-Art. 18. Paragraph 4. “on conditional enrolment for access to a University Master’s Degree”: a Bachelor’s Degree student who still has to pass the TFG and a maximum of 9 ECTS credits, may access and enrol in a University Master’s Degree, although in no case may he/she obtain the Master’s Degree if he/she has not previously obtained the Bachelor’s Degree. The universities will guarantee priority enrolment for students who hold the official university degree of Graduate. 1 vacancy.

2-Art. 18. Section 6: “5 percent of the places offered in official university Master’s degrees are reserved for students with a recognised degree of disability equal to or greater than 33 percent, as well as for students with permanent educational support needs associated with personal circumstances of disability, who in their previous studies have required resources and support for their full educational inclusion”.  1 vacancy.


(1) Admitted students will receive a personal notification informing them of the admission and instructions for enrollment.

(2) An appointment will be arranged with NON-Spanish-speaking candidates for an interview to demonstrate proficiency in Spanish level B2.


Information on Admission and Enrollment Periods. Admission and enrollment Periods

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