Deadlines: from  01/03/2023 to 21/07/2022

ATTENTION: opening of pre-registration deadlines

Pre-registration must be done through the electronic platform even if they do not meet the requirements for access (for example students about to finish a degree, students pending a scholarship, etc.)

The required and supporting documents to meet the admission requirements may be provided later.


More information and access to documents.  

Access to Pre-registration application

The Academic Committee of each Master may take into account applications received after the deadline provided that there are vacancies and there are no students on the waiting list. Otherwise, they will have to wait until the completion of the enrollment process.


  • An official translation into Spanish will be attached to all the documentation provided, except for students from Italy by virtue of the exchange of grades between Spain and Italy of July 14, 1999 (BOE of November 18, 2000).
  • Identification document.
  • Copy of the title that entitles them to access.
  • Original certificate or legalized copy of the subjects taken in the university degree that entitles them to access where their name, duration, and grade must be stated, as well as the average grade of the file.
    Curriculum vitae.
  • Students with a university degree issued by a higher education institution that does not belong to the European Higher Education Area must present their pre-registration accompanied either by a copy of the equivalency application for access to official Master’s University teachings, or the corresponding. homologation of your degree made by the Ministry of Education.
  • B2 level of Spanish for candidates who do not speak Spanish.
  • Professional experience, research experience, etc. (if any).


The equivalence procedure is essential for all students whose Master’s degree is outside the European Higher Education Area and is totally independent of pre-registration and admission to it, in such a way that a student may have been admitted to the Master’s degree, but You will not be able to formalize your enrollment if you have not obtained a favorable resolution to your application for equivalence.

Term: It remains open throughout the year.

Place of presentation: The documentation that the student must present must be sent by post, courier or personally delivered by the interested party to the Section of Undergraduate and Master’s Studies (Patio de Escuelas, 1. 37008 Salamanca), in the form that is established in the application and with duly legalized documents. Filing by fax or email is not supported by this process.

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Recommendations on Spanish language learning

Non-Spanish-speaking candidates for the Master’s Degree must accredit their level of Spanish by means of a document in the pre-enrolment phase.  The Master’s Academic Committee will carry out an interview or any other test it considers necessary to verify language proficiency.

List of recommended Spanish language training support centres:

    1. UNIVERSIDAD DE SALAMANCA- Spanish courses, intensive learning and of varying periodicity . (more information) On line
    2. ESCUELA OFICIAL DE IDIOMAS-Spanish.Diverse options and quite economical  (more information)
    3. PROGRMA ERASMUS (if you participate in the Erasmus Programme ) (more information).