Curriculum 2022-2023. Information accessible.

Calendar and equivalences previous academic year 2021-2022. Information accessible

Module 1: Context of digital information systems – 15 cr. ECTS

It is a general module in which the student is placed in the current context of digital information systems, and will be provided with the knowledge and skills that it is considered necessary to acquire as a basis for the development of other subjects. For this, the characteristics of the information society in which current organizations carry out their activity will be presented and analyzed; They will be trained in the ethical, legal, and methodological aspects involved in the management of digital information/documentation; They will be guided in the planning and design process of digital information units and systems. Inclusion and sustainability initiatives in digital environments are also analysed and implemented.


          • Cód. 306080- Research in virtual environments and open science (6cr.) 
          • Cód. 306081- Units and digital information resources (
          • Cód. 306082- Digital inclusion and sustainability (3 cr.) 

Module 2: Production, processing, and retrieval of digital information – 16.5 cr. ECTS

The second module is focused on the selection and production processes of digital information/documentation. It will address the aspects related to the selection and evaluation of digital content; the digital documentation production process and the characteristics of the new electronic edition will be analyzed; the student will be trained in the knowledge, use, and application of automated tools for managing digital content; and, finally, the policies and techniques necessary for the maintenance and preservation of electronic documentation will be studied.


        • Cód. 306083- Production and digital edition (4.5 cr.) 
        • Cód. 306084- Description, representation, and organization of digital content (6 cr.)
        • Cód. 306085- Indexing and retrieval systems for digital information (6 cr.)

Module 3: Preservation, access, and use of digital information – 16.5 cr. ECTS

The functions and processes related to the technical treatment, representation, and retrieval of digital information focus the training development of the third module: the standards that should govern the description of digital documentation will be presented and the student will be guided on their application; The concepts and models necessary for the representation and organization of digital content will be addressed, and the techniques and models that are applied in the digital information retrieval process and its evaluation will be analyzed.


        • Cód. 306086- Digital preservation (6 cr.)
        • Cód. 306087- Content management Systems. (3 cr.)
        • Cód. 306088- Data science: social network analysis (3 cr.) 
        • Cód. 306089- Use and reuse of digital information (4.5) 

Module 4: Practicum-Final Master’s Project – 12 cr. ECTS

The profile of the professional whose training is aimed at the Master in Digital Information Systems is defined, essentially, by its versatile and modern character. This will allow you to work in a highly diversified work environment that includes, not only information units but all kinds of organizations that, from one professional sector or another, focus their activity on the production, processing and/or dissemination of information digital. For this reason, the last module of the program houses the Practicum. It is about the student developing an internship period in external organizations that allows them to come into contact with professional practice and get to know closely the labor reality of their potential work environment, applying, contrasting, and expanding the knowledge acquired during the previous modules. For the evaluation of the Practicum-Final Master’s Thesis, the mandatory reports of the academic tutor and the professional tutor will be taken into account, as well as the student’s memory of the internship period. It will also be necessary to carry out a public defense of the Master’s Degree Internship-Final Project, enabling the corresponding court.


        • Cód. 306090- External Practical Training. 6 cr.
        • Cód. 306091- Master’s Final Project. 6 cr.

The subjects are compulsory and have a load of 3, 4.5 and 6 ECTS credits